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As a photographer I know how overwhelming it can be when you have a full workload and you'd rather spend your time on photographing, and with that I would like to offer a helping hand to you.
If you are needing some help with editing your portrait or wedding clients photos or designing an album once the photos have been edited. Or perhaps you're looking for a second photographer or assistant look no further because I am here to save the day.
I am open to collaborating and helping out in anyway I can, so get in touch and lets chat about how I can help you.

What I can do for you

I have been doing photography for 10 years now and have worked in every role within a photography business, now as a freelance photographer working for myself I am able to put that knowledge to use and if I can do that by helping you in achieving your photography business goals then that's a great achievement for me.

Below you will see some of the services I offer though if you are looking for something very specific just reach out and we can see what we can do.



Photo editing

With photo editing I will take your RAW files and edit them to your desired style. We will work together beforehand to discuss your style, how you currently edit your photos and what specifically you are wanting, I will do the editing and then send the images back to you to check before delivering to your client.

Special editing

If you are wanting something very specific done with one image or a small number of images like replacing part of an image with another image or making a sunset extra striking etc. We will discuss beforehand your request and expectations and I will let you know whether or not it is within my scope of work.


Album Design

When you have your edited photos and are ready to create a physical photo album for your client, you can just send through the photos and I will design a draft layout for you to share with your client and a I will make the changes requested by your client. Or if you are wanting to boost sales with your portrait shoots, photo albums are a great way to showcase your photos to your client to allow them to see more of their images in this format. Having a draft album design is a great way to help your clients visualise their images during your consultation session.


Second Photographer

If you offer in your packages an option for your clients to book a second photographer and your regular is busy or you don't yet have a regular, I am here to help you on the day. I have plenty of experience photographing weddings and am great in a team so will work with you to make sure we get the shots we need to get and more!


Image Critique

if you are wanting to improve your work and just need another photographic eye to give you some pointers or perhaps you have a group of photographers who you'd like to see elevate their work to the next level, I offer a critique consultation. During these sessions I will have a chat with the photographer about their process, what they think of their work and suggest where they can be making improvements. With an honours degree in Photography you can be sure that I have the knowledge an understanding for what it takes to create a great image, this is also a role I would take on in a previous role, working to help the other photographers in the team with their photographic work.


If there's something else you need help with and you don't see it listed here, please just get in touch and we can discuss whether or not it's something that's doable.

The process

The process always starts with you reaching out to me via email at info @ and letting me know what service you're after and what it is you're wanting done. From their we will establish how best to move forward in our collaboration. It is best to let me know as much information as possible in your original message too.

I look forward to hearing from you and seeing what we can do together so get in touch today

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Let’s Work Together

Tel: 027 415 10 47

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