A collective photographic exhibition exploring the diverse qualities of the human impact on the environment, technology and relationships.
About the work

Flesh and Blood is an exploration of the role photography can play in facilitating, provoking and encouraging a method for discussion around the nature of familial truths. Using constructed fluids and studio photography to engage with these hidden narratives, it provides an opportunity to understand that there will always be varied histories and truths within the family. Alluding to the intimacy of connection and the delicacy of belonging, these photographs attempt to understand what it means to be family. Is it more than just flesh and blood?

Extrusion seeks to emerge a viewer in a transformed depiction of the everyday. The process of 3D imaging technologies colliding with photography allows the exploration of new perspectives. Photography has historically been seen as a medium associated with both objectivity and ‘truth’, however through the many forms of manipulation involved in producing images, both obvious and subtle, photography can alter the truth of the subject it has captured. Establishing itself off of the historical narrative of discovery, Extrusion encourages viewers to go on their own journey of visual discovery and uncover the truth of these images.

Ōwhiro is a two fold investigation: into a unique local ecology and the wider implications of water pollution in the New Zealand context. The work traces the Ōwhiro stream, in Whanganui a Tara, Wellington, as it runs through the Southern valleys from the ridges of Brooklyn, through landfills and domestic landscapes to the coastal beach area of Owhiro bay and into Tapu Te Ranga and the southern sea. Depicting the stream, its landscapes, and the human and non-human narratives that are woven around it my photographs create a continuous interconnected portrait of the bay. Ōwhiro is an attempt to understand and to visualise the ecological distress of a waterway: something that is essentially impermanent, and often invisible, yet a force that remains devastating to the environment and those who inhabit it when it is struck out of balance.

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