How can family histories and truths be explored and understood through the use of abstract photography?

‘Flesh and Blood’ is an exploration of the role photography can play in facilitating, provoking and encouraging a method for discussion around the nature of familial truths. Using constructed fluids and studio photography to engage with this unlayering of narratives, it provides an opportunity to understand that there will always be varied histories and truths within the family. Portraying the intimacy of connection and the delicacy of belonging, these photographs attempt to understand what it means to be family. Is it more than just flesh and blood?

Through this project I am looking into family photography and the role it has played in the sharing of truths and stories within the history of a family. Family photography is often personal and exists in the form of a family photo album, these albums hold the stories and memories of the past which are later interpreted by the viewer.  In the field of family photography there is a large array of photographers who have documented and commented on the topic of ‘family’ though it is often centered on the domestic space with images of interiors, exteriors, people and their personal spaces, though there are very little who have done so in an abstract way.

In this project we see photography taking on the role of mediator to facilitate the exploration of family identity, lost histories and lost family members through adoption. By using photographic abstraction it offers a unique way to approach this sensitive topic. This way of approaching a tense topic can give validity to its content and resonate with its viewers and audience and hopefully take them on a journey of self reflection.