Visons of the visually impaired

"It kind of feels like I've just walked through glitter"

"To me an out of focus camera is my normal vision"

"I see the world as a deep grey"

"I have no perception of dimension and no colour vision"

"Everything is moving up and down or sideways"

This documentary photography project is about understanding the visually impaired / blind community. This project takes responses from a few members of this community and portrays their stories in a conceptual meets documentary style. Interested in the strongly visual aspect of photography and the degradation or non-existence of visuality in blindness, I wanted to merge the two into a series of visual representations. The quotes are a direct link to what influenced the images and the technical decision making that followed. This work has purposefully taken an artistic approach with these perspectives and shared it to an audience to help them to gain a better understanding of the variety in which people are affected by it. Unlike some documentary photography, this series has partially removed the photographer’s bias and allowed space for the subject’s story and point of view to be represented in a true to self way.